2020 Mercedes-Benz A-Class A 220 4MATIC 7-Speed Automatic (Stock Number RLW039213 WDD3G4FB1LW039213)

Monthly Loan Payment


$723.32 including 6.00% tax.

Due at Signing


6.00% tax included in monthly payment.

The amount due at signing consists of $0.00 down payment.

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2020 Mercedes-Benz A-Class A 220 4MATIC 7-Speed Automatic (Stock #RLW039213)
Sale PricePlease contact us for pricing!
PA County Fee+$5.00
Doc Fee+$389.00
PA Encumbance Fee+$26.00
PA License Fee+$38.00
Online Reg Fee+$16.97
PA Reg Fee+$41.00
Tag Fee+$28.00
Tire Tax+$5.00
PA Title Fee+$55.00
Sales Tax+$2,237.70
Amount Financed$40,217.67
Finance Charge
Amount Financed$40,217.67
Financed at60 mo @ 2.99% APR
Finance Charge$3,181.80
6.00% sales tax is excluded unless otherwise indicated.
Fees Due at Signing
Tax on Fees due at signing$0.00
Total Due at Signing$0.00
Amount Financed $40,217.67
Finance Charge $3,181.80 Down Payment $0.00
The total of the payments is $43,399.47 . The total due at signing is $0.00 with 60 monthly payments of $723.32.

Powered by DealerScience Seamless RetailTM. Patent Pending. © DealerScience 2020. By using the Service, you agree to the EULA. All prices above include Destination Charge of $995.00. The payment includes $5.00 Pennsylvania County Fee, $389.00 Doc Fee, $26.00 Pennsylvania Encumbance Fee, $38.00 Pennsylvania License Fee, $26.00 Lien, $16.97 Online Reg Fee, $0.00 Out Of State, $41.00 Pennsylvania Reg Fee, $28.00 Tag Fee, $5.00 Tire Tax, $55.00 Pennsylvania Title Fee, $55.00 Title and $2,237.70 Sales Tax. This is based on a 60 month term. Tax is excluded unless otherwise indicated, estimated, and depends on residency. Accessories are additional. Quote created on 09/29/2020 9:31:52 PM. This tool should be used as a guide, and all finance terms must be verified before a sale is complete. Dealer is not responsible for data entry errors. Rates/Security Deposit upon bank approval. Must finance through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. Valid for stock # RLW039213 with VIN WDD3G4FB1LW039213. Price may vary by vehicle.

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